One part country, one part rock, and all parts Southern probably best describes the band from North Louisiana known as Louisiana Swamp Donky. They spend their days in the oilfields, on the farm and driving trucks to provide a living for their families. They each have a work hard, play hard attitude and when it comes to their music, there is no denying their Southern roots. While the members of Louisiana Swamp Donky draw from a deep well of musical influences, their music is heaviest as Southern Rock with a lot of Country backbone.

These boys have enough soul and Southern blood running through their veins to make the most hardcore Lynyrd Skynyrd fan take notice. Their songs
are a collection of real life stories of their own personal journeys. They write about what is real to them. Their roots run deep, their family tree is strong and their music is honest. They will tell you that they are no different than any other hard working country boys from their neck of the woods. They love to hunt, fish, mud ride and have a good time hanging around the bon fire with their buddys at the end of the day. Their songs really seem to be a tribute to their way of life.

Earlier this year, their authentic Southern Rock sound caught the ears of famed Southern Rock icon Richard Young of The Kentucky Headhunters. “These boys are the real deal,” says Young, who along with engineer David Barrick produced their latest album, Redneck Revival. ” They sing about the blue-collar lives they live there in rural Louisiana, but their appeal goes well beyond the backwoods and mud holes of North Louisiana.”

The result.. foot-stompin’, Southern-fried Rockin’ country!COUNTRY” you will find yourself stomping your feet right along with them as they take you on a real life journey of what it means to be a TRUE HARDCORE COUNTRY BOY. Their roots run deep, their family tree is strong, and their music is honest. Listen as they share their stories of the good old days, real life struggles, heartbreaking losses, and an encouraging message of truth that reminds us that anything is possible if we work hard enough, and dream big enough. These boys give it their all, and they hold nothing back. From their driving new track entitled “Southern Way” to the heartfelt message of “Right Where We Belong” there seems to be something here for EVERYONE to enjoy. Swamp Donky invites you to fill up your favorite MASON JAR, and join them in a toast as they salute their fans and the exciting road ahead. If you’ve never heard their music or seen them live, it’s way past time. You will not be disappointed. Oh, and when you do see them, give them a BIG OL- Yee Haw! They seem to like that for some reason… YEEHAW!!!