About Louisiana Swamp Donky

From the Hills and the Mud Holes of North Louisiana, emerges one of the South’s best kept secrets. They call themselves, LOUISIANA SWAMP DONKY. With their own brand of “SOUTHERN FRIED ROCKIN’ COUNTRY” you will find yourself stomping your feet right along with them as they take you on a real life journey of what it means to be a TRUE HARDCORE COUNTRY BOY.

Their roots run deep, their family tree is strong, and their music is honest. Listen as they share their stories of the good old days, real life struggles, heartbreaking losses, and an encouraging message of truth that reminds us that anything is possible if we work hard enough and dream big enough.

Described as ONE PART COUNTRY, ONE PART ROCK, AND ALL PARTS SOUTHERN, these boys give it their all and hold nothing back. From their driving new track entitled “Southern Way” to the heartfelt message of “Right Where We Belong”, there seems to be something for EVERYONE to enjoy. Louisiana Swamp Donky invites you to fill up your favorite MASON JAR and join them in a toast as they salute their fans and the exciting road ahead.